War On Everything

War On Everything

Image by Dfrg.msc.  Used with permission.

Image by Dfrg.msc. Used with permission.

“We must declare war on war so the outcome will be peace upon peace.”

Those words were spoken yesterday in New York by United States President Barack Obama while addressing the United Nations Security Council, the world’s foremost body in charge of securing peace. And like most words spoken by a member of the United States government, they are insane beyond belief.

Or are they?

While the words themselves are indeed insane, at least as much as their sentiment, is it so unbelievable that an American leader can find no alternative solution to a complex issue than to “declare war” on it? To thrust nuance and reason aside in favor of the language of mindless and brutish force? To poetically declare an interest in life and humanity while in action accelerating the opposite?

Not so much.

Fifty years after Lyndon B. Johnson declared a “War on Poverty,” up to half of Americans experience anything less than a Great Society. Forty-three years post Richard M. Nixon’s declared “War on Drugs,” every thinking individual in the nation knows that kinetic action has been an abysmal and perpetual failure. And thirteen years gone from George W. Bush’s declared “War on Terror,” the actions of he and his successor have exponentially increased the incentive for the world’s extremists to incubate fear amongst peaceful citizens.

Now Barack H. Obama has declared the ultimate deception, a War on War itself.

A war this president has been itching to fight for over a year. A war where Americans can’t determine the sides, but instinctively know every other combatant will eventually turn against America. A war that begins, as the Great War did a hundred years ago, ostensibly, to end all wars. Given this country’s track record in such grandiose declarations, we can already guess what the outcome will be; the only questions being how devastating will our peaceful failure be and how many Arabian civilians will die in the name of our deceitful rhetoric?

So it goes.

And so it will continue to go for as long as people accept leaders who are beholden to businesses and corporations that invest in the value of a drone-launched missile before investing in the desires of the people they suppose to benefit.

Such as war itself, I have no end to this thought. No immediate solutions nor fanciful recommendations for you to consider. I have only the words of my favorite stand-up philosopher to end with, who once poignantly quipped that, “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”

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