WATCH: Trump Voter Calls Trump Out For His Very ‘Unpresidential’ Behavior (VIDEO)

Convincing low-information  voters to vote against their economic self-interest is as much a Republican tradition as naming crap after Ronald Reagan hating gays. That a billionaire son of privilege, who never worked a day in his life, was able to hoodwink poor, the elderly, and the middle class that he was their guy is more so a commentary on the Democratic Party than anything else.

But we’ve recently seen a handful of Trump voters having regrets (or Trumpgrets) over their foolish decision to support a guy who could care less about them and their health. 

Earlier today, CNN aired an interview with a panel of Trump supporters who unanimously said they wished the president would stop tweeting about trivial things and start paying attention to the enormous tasks at hand. You know, like golfing, nepotism, lifting sanctions on Russia to cash out on an oil deal, and killing every single one of President Obama’s bold and do-gooder actions.

One supporter regretted her vote:

He doesn’t think about it,” said supporter Scott McCommons. “I think he can do a lot better things with his time. In some situations, that’s an excellent thing because he’s able to get the word out very quickly and perhaps get reactions and responses back,” said another supporter, Ilene Wood. But at the same time, it creates a possibility of engaging your mouth before you’ve engaged your brain.

Could these very misinformed (and uninformed) people finally be waking up to the mountain of bullsh*t that was sold to them a silver platter by the Orange Führer?

Watch the Trump voter talk to CNN below:


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