Trump’s Remarks About The Military In Recent Interview Are Positively Frightening

During the 2016 crazy clown car show, then fake presidential candidate Donald Trump repeatedly laid out his ever-so-thoughtful and researched foreign policy on terrorism: bomb the living sh*t’ out of them. Not just bomb the sh*t out of them, but the ‘living sh*t out of them.’ And it seems he’s willing to drop a bomb on anything with sand so long as it distracts from the ongoing investigation into his ties to Russia.

But the Orange one doesn’t seem to think very much about the military.

Despite playing war games like a kid plays around with toys in a waiting room, 45 told Fox News Business Channel’s Maria Bartiromo that he doesn’t think much about the military.

Via The Washington Post:

BARTIROMO: What we are doing right now in terms of North Korea?

TRUMP:  You never know, do you?

You never know.


TRUMP:  You know I don’t think about the military.

Indeed, the commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces just readily admitted that he doesn’t know much about our military, but rather just reacts. That in and of itself should be grounds for impeachment. Dr. Strange love would be quite proud. And we thought George Bush was basically Yosemite Sam.

If today’s yuge and bigly bombing of key ISIS strongholds in Afghanistan prove anything, it’s obvious that each and every week is meant to play out like The Apprentice: a ludicrous and over-exaggerated episodic drama.

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