According To This Chart, Trump Has Spent Most Of Presidency Visiting Trump Properties And Golfing

During the 2016 insane clown show, then candidate Donald Trump repeatedly said that he would rarely leave the White House. Trump made a whole slew of other brazen and outrageous lies, but he used racism and xenophobia to hoodwink morons into voting for him. Trump makes bullsh*t at the rate of actual bulls so it’s very difficult to be au courant of all his lies, but the most glaring among them is his about spending most of his time at the White House. You know, like what a f*cking president typically does!

Trump has now spent every weekend visiting a Trump-branded property,  except the first two after his inauguration. And despite claiming he would “Make America Great Again” at every waking hour, including mocking President Obama for golfing more than Tiger Woods (jealous and insecure much?), Trump has golfed nearly every weekend at a Trump-owned property.

image via Washington Post

According to ethics expertsTrump’s visits to properties owned, managed or branded by the Trump Organization amount to “free publicity for the company and blur the line between his family business and presidential duties.” And the New York Times points out that Lord Cheeto spent 30 days at a Trump-owned property in the very early days of his fake presidency. Hell, he even decided to start a war with Syria from Mar-A-Lago while eating the “greatest piece of chocolate cake you’ll ever find, ok?”

For the majority of Americans, Trump’s presidency is nothing but an opportunity for him to further spread his insidious business interests on the backs of taxpayers. He’s probably the most corrupt, inexperienced, incompetent, and fundamentally unserious man to ever inhabit the White House (when he’s even there). There’s no doubt that he will be impeached, but it’s going to be one horrific ride getting there.

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