Republicans Find It Harder Than Expected To White-Out Obamacare

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Republicans in Congress, in Governor’s Mansions, and at the local diner have been bitching and stomping their feet to “repeal and replace” Obamacare for eight years. What was it, fifty or sixty votes in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act knowing full well President Obama would veto, and the GOP didn’t have the votes to override. Now their conservative wet dream is reality; they control all branches of government. Immediately they can legislate Obamacare out of the laws of the land and replace it with whatever their grizzled,  blackened, and shriveled little hearts desire.

So here we are a couple of weeks into what should prove to be the most embarrassing administration in presidential history, but still no Republican plan to provide the American people with affordable and effective healthcare. Eight years they’ve had to develop the alternative to President Obama’s landmark healthcare law. Eight. Years. You would think they would have something in mind by now. It could almost make a person think, gee, maybe the Republicans really didn’t think the ACA was so bad, they just didn’t want the uppity black guy with the Harvard Law degree to get any credit for doing something the American people needed. Or maybe it’s just really hard to come up with a way to provide healthcare for American citizens without thinking first about how much money your big money contributors can make of off sick and suffering men, women, and children. Who knows how Republicans think?

For Profit Insurance: The redistribution of wealth from the bottom to top.

As usual, the best idea Speaker Ryan and his band of Robber Barons that control the ruling class has come up with involves the usual vouchers or tax credit or some other scheme to take money out of the pockets of  patients and redistribute that money to the wealthy insurance CEO’s who have to make ends meet on multi-million dollar contracts and golden parachutes. Republican economics always involves the mystical “free market” which means that working folks will have to spend more of their own money on the promise that somehow is going to trickle down to them and make them wealthy. Healthcare in all its complex forms should not be a profit-driven business. Ever. It is immoral to measure how and where and to whom medical attention and the best care available is given.

People want access to healthcare. Especially people who might not be in the best health now, or perhaps they’re at an age where they know they could get sick or have a major health issue at any moment. Senior citizens come to mind. Folks on Medicare, or those approaching the age when they begin to think about Medicare and Social Security.

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Obamacare Helps Make Medicare Better Too.

Recently, Johnathan Cohn reported on Huffington Post, that the AARP, the largest association for seniors in America, sent a letter to Congress expressing their concerns with what repealing parts or all of the ACA will mean to our nation’s elderly. Elements of Medicare and Medicaid are tied to the ACA, so changing the law affects seniors and the disadvantaged.

Somebody should have told the AARP members that electing conservatives always leads to them screwing somebody out of their hard-earned pay. Now it might be the very folks that helped elect this current administration and have been voting Republican for decades are going to get a taste of what they’ve been inflicting on others by voting against their own interest.

Old White People Voting Against Their Own Best Interest.

Pew Research reported that Hillary Clinton lost to voters over the age of 65 by a 53 – 45 percent margin. I guess they just didn’t think all those Republican talking points about entitlement reform and repealing healthcare was going to affect them. Guess what? It will. It does. Get ready to have your health benefits cut and your out-of-pocket costs increase.

The only silver lining for our misguided silver-haired friends is that President Obama was even smarter than we thought. Rather than being the total disaster, job killing,  unpopular law Obama and the Democrats rammed down our throats, it seems most folks like the benefits and guarantees that Obamacare provides. The ACA is a long way from being perfect. It needs some work, like being replaced with Medicare for everyone. If Medicare works well enough that the AARP is fighting to keep it then let’s share the wealth and get everybody signed up.

Even though Republicans don’t know it, President Obama took care of them too even if they didn’t like him. Sitting at home somewhere in D.C. citizen Obama must be getting a good laugh knowing he is still kicking Republican ass and he’s not even in office any longer. Seems as if Obama might have had this one right, people do want affordable health care. Come on Republicans, let’s see what ya got.

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