Republican SHREDS Trumpcare, Calls It A ‘Flatulent Mass Of Trump’s Own Fantasy’ (VIDEO)

Republican SHREDS Trumpcare, Calls It A ‘Flatulent Mass Of Trump’s Own Fantasy’ (VIDEO)

Trumpcare might have been the nail in the coffin for Lord Cheeto

Today might be April Fool’s Day, but one might go so far as to say it has been April Fool’s Day everyday since November. Making not just a mockery out of America, the endless insanity, pettiness and incompetence of Donald Trump has been felt around the entire world.

President Trump got his first taste of reality when Trumpcare, a vast giveaway to greedy insurance companies and a Yuge tax cut cynically passed off as health policy, failed in a Republican-controlled Congress no less. And Republican strategists are letting their feelings be known not just on the colossal sh*tshow that was Trumpcare, but on Donald Trump himself.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” to explain why Trumpcare was such an utter failure from the very start. According to Wilson, Trumpcare was a “hot mess from the get-go” and fell apart mostly because Trump tried to sell what he always tries to sell, “a flatulent mass of his own fantasy.”

Here was Wilson:

Free market Republicans hated the bill because it was basically just a different set of giveaways to the insurance companies and to pharma. And the Freedom Caucus guys hated it because it didn’t look bold enough, it was too gutless. And the rest of the Republican caucus hated it because it looked too heartless. The thing was a hot mess from the get-go but Trump was trying to sell what Trump always sells, which is sort of a flatulent mass of his own fantasy about what the product is. So he got out there, he talked fast. He said things like ‘Oh, don’t pay attention to the details, we’re just gonna do something great together. Well, this guy is entirely contingent, he is entirely compulsive, and at the end of the day the voters weren’t buying it and the members of Congress on the Republican side said, ‘No, we’re not gonna set ourselves on fire for a bad bill that has bad outcomes both politically and policy-wise for this guy, who is a snake who will turn and bite us in the ass in a hot second, which he did.

Indeed, Trump thinks that he’s making the DC Apprentice: White house Edition and hasn’t a single clue of the hard work of running an entire country, and neither do any of the unqualified and morally bankrupted sycophants with whom he’s surrounded himself.

Watch Republican Strategist Rick Wilson Below:

Featured image via MSNBC

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