There Is No Mandate For This President’s Agenda: 169 Million Voters Did Not Vote For This

There Is No Mandate For This President’s Agenda: 169 Million Voters Did Not Vote For This

There is no mandate for the disastrous agenda set out by our new president. If he and his Republican henchmen in Congress continue with this planned destruction of our Republic it will truly represent the tyranny of a minority.

The underwhelming minority of American voters that have shackled us to the current occupant of the Oval Office now expect the majority that didn’t vote for him to work with the new president. “He won, get over it,” they say. He is “your president” they insist. Oval 45 and his staff of sycophants continue to repeat the lie that he won the election in a “landslide” of historic proportions. They would even have you to believe his Orangeness won the popular vote if not for criminal activity at the polling places across our fair land.

27.2 percent of voters threw the rest of us under the bus.

The hard truth, and one that 45 and his hateful band of un-merry minions refuse to accept, is that the large majority of Americans did not vote for the Republican candidate in the November election. Brilliant Maps put together an electoral map that shows just how unpopular 45 really is in America. According to their data, the landslide belongs to “did not vote,” which would have won 471 electoral votes if on the ballot. Clinton’s share totaled 51 and his Orangeness only 16 given this scenario.

Below is a screen shot of the “Electoral map” produced by Brilliant Maps.

Plain and simple, the large majority of the voting public cast a ballot for someone other than 45. In fact, only 27.2 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot for the “winner” of the election. Clearly, the “will of the people” was not represented in the outcome of this election. The new president lost the popular vote by historic margins. Now for only the fifth time in our history, and only the second time since the nineteenth century, we have an executive that most Americans did not elect.

Is the time right for a little rebellion?

Now is the time for the majority of citizens, those not swayed by the rhetoric of repression and hate, to rise up and hold these usurpers of our government to account. This was not an election. It was a hostile takeover of the government by unscrupulous agents of the billionaire class, quite possibly aided by Comrade Putin and his Russian implants. Freedom-loving Americans who cherish liberty and justice for all must make a stand now or see our land of the free and home of the brave reduced to little more than a feudal system where the masses toil for the wealth of the evil overlords.

Elected Democrats and sane Republicans (if such a creature exists), need to remind this illegitimate president that he does not possess any type of mandate to enact his agenda. 45 has shown nothing but contempt for the media, they should return the favor and call him out on every lie and misdeed he commits.

Nearly 169 million eligible voters either voted for another candidate or did not vote at all. Comparatively, the puny number of 63 million or so that did support this mistake have no right, and certainly no mandate, to claim a new and frightening direction for American policy either foreign or domestic.

Thomas Jefferson famously wrote to his understudy, James Madison:

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

Now is the time for a necessary rebellion against the forces of darkness that have overtaken our democracy.

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