Trump Vows To Increase Already-Inflated Military Budget While Social Programs Go To The Wayside

Trump Vows To Increase Already-Inflated Military Budget While Social Programs Go To The Wayside

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military

defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The New York Times reported yesterday on the Commander-in-Chief vowing to make, “a historic financial investment in the armed forces,” in an effort to maintain peace in “our troubled, troubled times.” Why is it that those who refuse to answer the call of duty when it is their time are so eager to send other people’s sons and daughters into harm’s way? Our new President received several deferments to serve in Vietnam when he was of age. Although he was fit enough to play organized sports, for some reason he was not fit for military service. But I digress.

Why do we need to make historical investments in the US military? Don’t we spend enough already? Aren’t we the world’s only remaining superpower? Isn’t our military the strongest and most lethal force on the planet?

Many of the warmongers in our nation today point to the fact that our spending on the military decreased during the Obama years. Well, duh! When you begin to recall troops home from combat zones and stop using military resources like it’s going out of style the spending on those things decreases.

How much do we spend on the military industrial complex?

According to the National Priorities Project, the US spent $598.5 billion dollars on the military in 2015. That figure represents over half of the discretionary spending by the US government. Below is the chart from the National Priorities Project website showing how the government spends our money.

It reeks of hypocrisy when conservatives are constantly bemoaning the fact that government takes money from the citizens in the form of taxes and spends it on things the taxpayers disapprove of but always needs more money for the military-industrial complex.

There is a better use for all that money

Rather than increasing the military budget, and lining the pockets of the corporate masters of our elected officials, why not redirect that money to empower the people instead of Wall Street? Universal healthcare and public education are just two places where we could invest in American citizens instead of inflating the bank accounts of the already super wealthy. A simple 10 percent reduction in military spending would provide nearly 60 billion dollars that could be used to improve the lives of everyday folks in America.

If increasing our military spending is our highest priority as a nation, we are indeed approaching spiritual doom.

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