Fox News CRUSHED By MSNBC Following Epic ‘Trumpdon’tcare’ Fail

Fox News CRUSHED By MSNBC Following Epic ‘Trumpdon’tcare’ Fail

If there’s anything we can glean from the epic disaster (and REAL disaster) that is the Donald Trump presidency, it’s that “winning” is only something you can do when you’re in the private sector and can simply file for bankruptcy. William Harrison, the idiot who refused to wear a coat during his inauguration and died of pneumonia just 31 days into his presidency, had a more successful presidency than Trump is having. 

But the ugliness and brazen con that was Trumpcare is not only having a negative impact on Republicans in Washington but on corporate right-wing media as well.

Fox News has seen its ratings plummet faster than the EPA’s budget following the utter failure of Trumpcare.  On the same day that the health care bill failed, more people tuned in to Rachael Maddow (3.058 million) than Bill O’ Reilly on Fox News (2.363 million). Also, The Last Word With Lawrence O’ Donnell (2.328 million) performed better than Fox’s Sean Hannity (2.235 million).

Rachael Maddow, although crapping the bed on the so-called big Trump tax reveal, has mostly been on fire during the infancy of Lord Cheeto’s reign of terror. Her never-ending quest to get to the bottom of Trump’s sordid ties to Russia and Putin has been a breath of fresh air amid a sea of poisonous fog. In fact, Maddow is the driving force behind MSNBC’s turnaround as MSNBC is the only major news network that refuses to take orders from Trump. Although constantly getting labeled as “fake news” by the FAKE president, CNN has also done a decent job of reporting on Trump’s mountain of bullsh*t.

Let’s face it here: Fox News is now the state-sponsored news network and leading purveyor of Trump’s totally unhinged and unverifiable nonsense. But while the REAL fake news network continues to make sure that the miserably uninformed stay misinformed, MSNBC is making journalism great again.

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