Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Struggles Of LGBT With One Disgusting Tweet, Twitter Responds (TWEETS)

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks Struggles Of LGBT With One Disgusting Tweet, Twitter Responds (TWEETS)

He's really the Fredo of that freakish clan.

While Ivanka Trump is playing the role of Michael Corleone and her husband Jared the role of consigliere, dopey Donald Trump Jr is playing the role of Fredo. It’s actually been quite refreshing knowing that one of the evil d-bags from Miami Vice has been kept far away from the White House. But that certainly hasn’t stopped the evil spawn of evil spawn from running his mouth on Twitter like daddy does.

The right-wing Daily Caller recently tweeted out an article entitled “University’s LGBT Students ‘Fear’ Arrival Of Chick-fil-A.”

And being the sniveling and entitled little creep that he is, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted it with an obnoxious comment, showing complete and utter disregard for the legit struggles of the LGBT community.

Of course, this comes from an entitled trust fund baby whose only struggle was whether to have the 2,000 dollar red wine or white wine. But the bigger issue, of course, is how the spoiled rich pr*ck managed to invalidate years upon years of struggles in the LGBT community with one vapid tweet.

Students at Duquesne University were openly opposing plans for a Chick-fil-A — a company that has previously donated to anti-marriage equality efforts — to come to campus next fall. The conservative outlet Campus Reform, whose story The Daily Caller cited, said that a couple of students told the campus newspaper they “fear” the consequences that the anti-equality restaurant will have on campus life.

But that certainly didn’t stop Trump Jr. from running his sh*tgibbon mouth. Luckily, Twitter responded by mocking him.


Perhaps if the evil spawn did some actual research on all the countless struggles of the LGBT youth, including a very high suicide rate, he might be less inclined to tweet such vile garbage, Then again, that would require some self-reflection and empathy, and lord knows those are two qualities that don’t exist in Trump blood.

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