Pro-TrumpCare Senator Finally Comes Out After A Week Of Hiding, Twitter Responds

Pro-TrumpCare Senator Finally Comes Out After A Week Of Hiding, Twitter Responds

Many consider last Monday’s report from the Congressional Budget Office to be the final nail in the coffin for Trumpcare. More disturbing (for those who wanted the bill to pass) than the immense turn out of it’s opposition, was the near silence from those who were supposed to be in support of it.

Nowhere is this trend more apparent than on the Twitter feeds of the US Senate, where vocal opponents of Trumpcare have tweeted thousands of disparaging remarks about the bill since Monday and its supporters have engaged in almost complete silence.

Even Mitch McConnell, a senator who’s support of the bill is almost mandatory given his position as senate majority leader, shied away from it upon the report’s release. After days of tweeting about it multiple times per day, McConnell went silent for several days before the CBO report struck and and has mentioned it much less since.

But Saturday, Senator Rob Portman broke his silence on healthcare. An issue which he had once been very vocal about. Not once has he mentioned Trumpcare or the CBO report. Instead he focused all his verbiage on Obamacare and its failings:


Even with Portman’s decidedly moderate stance the backlash was incredible:

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