Colin Powell Gives Very Stern Warning To Jeff Sessions On His Racist Policies (VIDEO)

With Fake President Trump waging war with every country on the planet, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the extremely dangerous stuff the GOP and his cabinet are doing at home. Never before has the environment, science and civil liberties been at risk of complete implosion than with this cadre of soulless deplorables. And with Attorney General and KKK fanboy Jeff Sessions at the helm, civil liberties are going up in smoke.

Resurrect both the failed war on drugs as well as harsh sentencing laws. While still short of specific policy changes, Sessions has made it clear that he plans to resuscitate the harsh sentencing laws that have given the United States the world’s highest incarceration rate. These draconian and totally outdated (Reefer Madness, anyone?) policies are not only infuriating the left and small government Republicans, but former Secretary Of State Colin Powell is equally disturbed.

Powell, who has recently emerged as a strong advocate for civil rights and fair justice of the law, issued a very stern warning to Sessions his petty group of fascists.

Here was Powell on Sessions’ plans to de-emphasize police reform in an interview with

It depends on what he does with his review of the consent [decree] agreements,” Powell said referring to the Justice Department policing regulations intended to address systemic discrimination and abuse by police officers. “I mean, he will have to deal with each state and each community and he’ll have to deal with the public. I’ll be watching this very, very closely.

Powell has spent a great deal of time post-Washington fighting for equal protection for young minorities amid a string of police abuses. Powell is especially disturbed by the high incarceration rates among young Americans.

“I’ve been to a prison in Colorado where 15-year-olds were [put] in with adult criminals, in terms of punishment,” Powell said. “These kids cannot come out safely and go back into society. So, this has to be fixed.

We can only hope that Sessions is forced to step down as Attorney General if the investigation into his connections to Russia proves to be true.

Watch the interview below:


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