Older Tweet From Trump Proves His Strikes On Syria Was A Political Stunt

In a complete and utter change of heart in a matter of 48 hours that’s not at all suspicious, President Trump decided that consulting Congress when waging war from a golf resort isn’t as important as sagging poll numbers (or ratings). Although the White House is trying as hard as possible to sell last night’s ‘police action’ in Syria as a humanitarian mission, it is both a cynical attempt to improve Trump’s very sad approval ratings and, worse yet, provide much-needed cover from the ongoing Congressional investigation into his ties to Russia.

And this isn’t just Trump-hating hearsay, but rather something Trump himself once said of his far more superior predecessor.

We’ve already shown you all the tweets Trump made that contradicted his sudden interest in benefiting the people of Syria, and now we can show you something Trump probably wishes he scrubbed clean. And as threats of a larger conflict loom closer, Trump’s old tweets are more relevant than ever.

It gets better…

Bam! Older insane Trump just totally implicated new insane Trump and there’s nothing he can do about it. One really has to wonder if Trump regrets trolling President Obama as much as he did.

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