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According To This Chart, Trump Has Spent Most Of Presidency Visiting Trump Properties And Golfing

Michael Hayne- April 18, 2017

There's no doubt that he will be impeached, but it's going to be one horrific ride getting there. Read More

Press Secretary Inadvertently Promises War With Syria Then Has To Walk It Back

Michael French- April 11, 2017

No one would have guessed that international humanitarian crises could be so complicated. Read More

Older Tweet From Trump Proves His Strikes On Syria Was A Political Stunt

Michael Hayne- April 7, 2017

Older insane Trump just totally implicated new insane Trump and there's nothing he can do about it. Read More

Aleppo Ceasefire And Evacuation Agreement Suspended — Tens Of Thousands Still Trapped

Lee- December 17, 2016

http://gty.im/451248974 Four people who were part of a convoy evacuating the besieged districts of east Aleppo were killed by Syrian government forces, witnesses told Al ... Read More

‘Tomorrow Will Be Too Late For Us’ – Heartbreaking Pleas Of Desperate & Dying In Aleppo

Lee- December 14, 2016

East Aleppo, Syria - We are all praying for rain. When it rains, the planes can't fly and the bombardment stops for a short while. ... Read More

What’s the Process for Refugees Coming to the U.S.?

Editor SCD- November 30, 2015

Since the multiple attacks in Paris that killed 130 people earlier this month, Syrian refugees have gone from being mainly an issue concerning Europe’s borders ... Read More

Carson Goes To Jordan To Meet Syrian Refugees, Says They Should Stay There

Editor SCD- November 29, 2015

Ben Carson went to Jordan so he could meet some Syrian refugees. Then he went to Facebook to announce his intention to leave them right ... Read More

Obama Urges Compassion For Refugees

Editor SCD- November 28, 2015

Amid intensifying domestic debate over whether the United States should accept Syrian refugees, President Barack Obama urged Americans to lend a helping hand to those ... Read More