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Cornyn Says Tax Loophole Was Added To Secure Key Senate Votes

Daniel Valencia- December 18, 2017

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the majority whip, on Sunday said a provision that could personally enrich key Republican lawmakers was added to the final ... Read More

Who Voted for Doug Jones?

Daniel Valencia- December 13, 2017

Democrat Doug Jones won the special election for the Alabama Senate seat on Tuesday night, defeating Republican candidate Roy Moore after a bitter election that ... Read More

Republicans Are Too Incompetent to Govern. Trumpists Don’t Even Bother Trying.

Timothy Bertrand- September 20, 2017

Republicans Fail to Keep the Big Top Running The idea that Republicans and Democrats are more or less the same is a popular one. Even ... Read More

Reminder: Hypocrite Ted Cruz Signed Up For Obamacare, Made Excuses

Ed Lynn- February 10, 2016

What a hypocrite this guy is! Ted Cruz could just buy other private insurance - but Obamacare is better and cheaper and he knows it. He ... Read More

How Senate Candidates Hide Secret Donors From Voters – Until It’s Too Late

Ed Lynn- September 19, 2015

http://gty.im/158754539 by Derek Willis and Robert Faturechi (ProPublica) For nearly 15 years, voters have been able to click a mouse to view an up-to-date list ... Read More

Why Is The Senate GOP Stalling George W. Bush’s Successful Human Trafficking Policy?

Ed Lynn- March 18, 2015

The debate on human trafficking: what must George W Bush be thinking? Simon Reich, Rutgers University http://gty.im/466594704 WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 17: Sen. Richard Blumenthal ... Read More

Secret Super PAC Donors Funneling Millions into Midterms

Ed Lynn- October 31, 2014

by Theodoric Meyer Illustration by Edward Lynn   In the final weeks before this year's elections, a super PAC called Key Questions, Key Answers started ... Read More

Heavy Spending Dominating N.C. Senate Race (Editorial Cartoon)

Andrew David Cox- October 21, 2014

  The battle for one of North Carolina's seats in the United States Senate is an expensive one. The contest being fought between incumbent Kay Hagan ... Read More