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Swamped: Trump’s White House Rated Most Corrupt Government Institution in New Poll

Ed Lynn- December 12, 2017

In the year since Donald Trump was elected president on a promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington’s corruption, Americans have become more, not less, ... Read More

Republicans Are Too Incompetent to Govern. Trumpists Don’t Even Bother Trying.

Timothy Bertrand- September 20, 2017

Republicans Fail to Keep the Big Top Running The idea that Republicans and Democrats are more or less the same is a popular one. Even ... Read More

Centrist Republican Rhetoric Is an Ugly Lie That Masks Disastrous Policy Reality

Ed Lynn- April 19, 2017

Republicans don't believe everyone is entitled to healthcare. GOP rhetoric about "replacing" Obamacare is misleading. Democrats believe everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare. Preventing a ... Read More

Trump’s 5 Most Awful Tax Secrets

Ed Lynn- April 19, 2017

Thousands of demonstrators marched on Saturday to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns. But, barring an unexpected surprise – a W2 form issued ... Read More

GOP Led Congress Losing Support – Even Among Republican Voters

Ed Lynn- April 1, 2017

WASHINGTON — Republicans have had a tough month on Capitol Hill, and their poll numbers show it. Sixty-two percent of voters disapprove of GOP lawmakers ... Read More

He’ll Be Back – Schwarzenegger May Run For Senate In 2018

Ruby Stone- March 10, 2017

http://gty.im/477736898 The Terminator WILL be back... maybe. The former Celebrity Apprentice host and former California governor has some Republican circles atwitter with the notion that ... Read More

New Poll Shows Trump Popularity Sinks To Unprecedented Lows

Jefferson Adams- February 23, 2017

The disapproval rating of our so-called president has reached a new high of 55 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released yesterday. His popularity is ... Read More

Judge Considers Making FBI’s Search Warrant For Clinton Emails Public

Lee- December 15, 2016

http://gty.im/493755608 The controversy over FBI Director James Comey’s announcement of a new review into Hillary Clinton’s private email server just 11 days before the recent ... Read More

Trump Officially Picks Exxon Mobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State

Lee- December 13, 2016

Despite mostly everyone knowing President-elect's pick for Secretary of State would be Rex Tillerson, Trump made it official announcing today that Tillerson will indeed be ... Read More

Hillary Clinton takes a stand for workers, slams Chris Christie for vetoing wage hike

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

TRENTON -- Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Chris Christie on Wednesday, slamming him for his Tuesday veto of a bill to ... Read More