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To Decide the Future of the 2nd Amendment, We Must First Understand Its History

Ed Lynn- November 18, 2017

The Second Amendment to the Constitution states simply: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the ... Read More

It’s the 21st Century and People are Still Starving – But it Isn’t For Lack of Food

Edward Lynn- March 7, 2017

By Daniel Maxwell, Henry J. Leir Professor in Food Security, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University. Sorting bags of food dropped by ... Read More

McCain Delivers Blistering Remarks To U.S. Allies And It’s All About Trump (VIDEO)

Deborah Montesano- February 18, 2017

If Donald Trump is removed from power, it might not have anything to do with Democrats. Republicans are likely to deliver the mortal blow, beginning with ... Read More

‘Tomorrow Will Be Too Late For Us’ – Heartbreaking Pleas Of Desperate & Dying In Aleppo

Lee- December 14, 2016

East Aleppo, Syria - We are all praying for rain. When it rains, the planes can't fly and the bombardment stops for a short while. ... Read More

What’s the Process for Refugees Coming to the U.S.?

Editor SCD- November 30, 2015

Since the multiple attacks in Paris that killed 130 people earlier this month, Syrian refugees have gone from being mainly an issue concerning Europe’s borders ... Read More

Carson Goes To Jordan To Meet Syrian Refugees, Says They Should Stay There

Editor SCD- November 29, 2015

Ben Carson went to Jordan so he could meet some Syrian refugees. Then he went to Facebook to announce his intention to leave them right ... Read More

Jesse Jackson Speaks Out Against Islamophobia

Editor SCD- November 23, 2015

Chicago, United States - Reverend Jesse Jackson stood with hundreds of American Muslims at a suburban Chicago mosque on Friday, to protest against suggestions made ... Read More

Dear World: I Would Like to Apologize for the Republican Party

Editor SCD- November 21, 2015

While I know the Republican party is typically an "American problem," being that they're a political party based in the United States, their ignorance is ... Read More

This Billionaire Is “Optimistic” About Buying Island for Refugees

Editor SCD- November 21, 2015

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris is more optimistic than ever that he'll soon buy an island where Syrian refugees can live. In September he announced his ... Read More

Climate Could Create Next Refugee Crisis

Editor SCD- October 11, 2015

Even though battling climate change was added as one of the new sustainable-development goals during the recent session of the United Nations General Assembly, the ... Read More