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Russian bribery, intimidation seen to infiltrate U.S. nuclear energy industry – even before Iran deal

Ed Lynn- October 18, 2017

The Obama administration signed a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow despite prior FBI findings that Russian officials were bribing their way into the U.S. atomic ... Read More

After 10 US Sailors Stray Into Iranian Waters, a Meal, & Swift Release

Ed Lynn- January 13, 2016

U.S. Sec. of State Kerry Thanks Iran For Swift... by exposetoday TEHRAN � Iran has freed 10 U.S. sailors seized on two U.S. Navy vessels ... Read More

Fox Host Defends Obama, Blames Bush/Cheney For Iran ‘Mess’

Editor SCD- September 7, 2015

Fox News host Chris Wallace forced former Vice President Dick Cheney to admit that Iran's centrifuges went from zero to 5,000 under his watch, not ... Read More

Pelosi Was Mastermind Behind Strategy For Iran Deal Support

Editor SCD- September 7, 2015

http://gty.im/119938543 The drip-by-drip pace of Democrat lawmaker's announcements of support for the Iran deal was a carefully orchestrated strategy from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ... Read More

Colin Powell Throws Support Behind Iran Nuclear Accord

Editor SCD- September 7, 2015

http://gty.im/454555088 WASHINGTON — Momentum continued to build for the Iran nuclear deal Sunday with backing from Republican former Secretary of State Colin Powell, just as ... Read More