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Republicans Are Too Incompetent to Govern. Trumpists Don’t Even Bother Trying.

Timothy Bertrand- September 20, 2017

Republicans Fail to Keep the Big Top Running The idea that Republicans and Democrats are more or less the same is a popular one. Even ... Read More

Centrist Republican Rhetoric Is an Ugly Lie That Masks Disastrous Policy Reality

Ed Lynn- April 19, 2017

Republicans don't believe everyone is entitled to healthcare. GOP rhetoric about "replacing" Obamacare is misleading. Democrats believe everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare. Preventing a ... Read More

In Trump’s White House, Gibberish is the New Normal

Ed Lynn- March 25, 2017

By Todd Gitlin Once upon a time, there were presidents for whom English seemed their native language. Barack Obama most recently. He deliberated. At a ... Read More

Pro-TrumpCare Senator Finally Comes Out After A Week Of Hiding, Twitter Responds

Michael French- March 18, 2017

Many consider last Monday's report from the Congressional Budget Office to be the final nail in the coffin for Trumpcare. More disturbing (for those who wanted ... Read More

Mitch McConnell Cries Big Turtle Tears Following Failed Iran Vote

Editor SCD- September 11, 2015

Take a moment to bask in the schadenfreude of a moment where now-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cries because he doesn't have the 60 votes necessary ... Read More

Black Lawmakers, Civil Rights Leaders See Racism In Loretta Lynch Vote Delay

Ed Lynn- March 21, 2015

African-American leaders within and outside Congress called Tuesday for the Senate Republican leadership to immediately schedule a vote on attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, or ... Read More

Why Is The Senate GOP Stalling George W. Bush’s Successful Human Trafficking Policy?

Ed Lynn- March 18, 2015

The debate on human trafficking: what must George W Bush be thinking? Simon Reich, Rutgers University http://gty.im/466594704 WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 17: Sen. Richard Blumenthal ... Read More