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In New Jersey Republicans seek to weaken gun control after Las Vegas, Texas massacres

Ed Lynn- December 5, 2017

WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are bringing up their first gun rights bill for a vote since the deadly Las Vegas massacre: a measure that would ... Read More

Pro-gun mum unswayed by shooting at daughter’s college

Editor SCD- October 10, 2015

Earlier this month, Christina Cobb nearly lost her 17-year-old daughter Sarah. On October 1, Sarah was only in her fourth day of classes at Umpqua ... Read More

Christie blasts Obama’s ‘obscene’ reaction to Oregon shooting

Editor SCD- October 10, 2015

TRENTON -- As President Obama prepares to visit the Oregon town on Friday where a gunman open fire on a college classroom, Gov. Chris Christie ... Read More

After Oregon Campus Shooting, University of Texas Faculty Nervous About ‘Campus Carry’ Law

Editor SCD- October 3, 2015

The University of Texas faculty are watching Oregon uneasily Javier Auyero, University of Texas at Austin I fear our senses will become dulled to horrific ... Read More