Tag: Healthcare Reform

Katie Halper Show: Dr. Adam Gaffney debunks 5 annoying myths used against universal health care

Ed Lynn- April 1, 2017

In this episode: Katie and designated "dude-bro" Gabe Pacheco talk about health-care, including a stealth recording of Katie's Dr. Dad, and an insightful conversation with ... Read More

Obamacare Is STILL The Law Of The Land; Trump Blames Those Danged Democrats!

Deborah Montesano- March 24, 2017

Donald Trump missed his calling. Truly. He should have been a standup comedian. The evidence was on full display Friday, immediately after the 'repeal Obamacare' debacle. ... Read More

Trump Ally Shocks GOP By Throwing Paul Ryan Under The Bus Over Healthcare

Deborah Montesano- March 15, 2017

A conservative — and highly influential — Trump ally has a better idea for his friend on healthcare. Ditch Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus and ... Read More

Reminder: Hypocrite Ted Cruz Signed Up For Obamacare, Made Excuses

Ed Lynn- February 10, 2016

What a hypocrite this guy is! Ted Cruz could just buy other private insurance - but Obamacare is better and cheaper and he knows it. He ... Read More

Between Iran Peace & Healthcare, Obama’s Legacy Is Looking Strong

Editor SCD- September 7, 2015

http://gty.im/97797240 Few things drive Republican more bonkers than President Obama's search for a legacy that survives his time in the White House - as if ... Read More