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In New Jersey Republicans seek to weaken gun control after Las Vegas, Texas massacres

Ed Lynn- December 5, 2017

WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are bringing up their first gun rights bill for a vote since the deadly Las Vegas massacre: a measure that would ... Read More

BREAKING: Four Victims Shot At San Bernadino Elementary; The NRA Is Covered In Their Blood (VIDEO)

Deborah Montesano- April 10, 2017

Updated, 4:25 pm, 4/10/2017. It has happened again. A gunman claimed four victims in an elementary school shooting. The toll isn't as high as at ... Read More

TX Lt. Gov Dan Patrick: Dallas Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Hypocrites’ – For Running From Bullets

Ed Lynn- July 8, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called protesters who ran away from the hail of bullets that rained down on downtown Dallas on Thursday ... Read More

Carson Declares War On Press

Editor SCD- October 11, 2015

That's what the press gets for accurately quoting him. "I will continue to expose them every time they do something, so that as more people ... Read More

Pro-gun mum unswayed by shooting at daughter’s college

Editor SCD- October 10, 2015

Earlier this month, Christina Cobb nearly lost her 17-year-old daughter Sarah. On October 1, Sarah was only in her fourth day of classes at Umpqua ... Read More

Ben Carson Criticized for Comments Linking Gun Control, Nazi Germany

Editor SCD- October 9, 2015

The Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has come under fire for suggesting that Adolf Hitler may not have been able to kill six million Jews ... Read More

Republican mother from the Oregon shooting massacre area wants more people armed with guns (VIDEO)

Editor SCD- October 3, 2015

Gun ideology trumps sanity and reality The gun insanity continues. Guns don't kill. People do. Right? What about the ready availability of guns. Is that ... Read More

Americans are the undisputed kingpins of gun violence | Farmer

Editor SCD- September 15, 2015

If there's one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on it's "American exceptionalism," a celebration of our military might, economic power and constitutionally guaranteed liberties, with ... Read More

Zimmerman Shooter Will Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

Editor SCD- May 31, 2015

The Florida man charged with shooting George Zimmerman will use the "Stand Your Ground" defense. Such a defense would entitle Matthew Apperson to a hearing, ... Read More


Mike Caccioppoli- September 27, 2014

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be ... Read More