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Threat of ‘Alt-Right’ Anti-Semitism Growing, Disturbing Study Shows

Ed Lynn- November 8, 2017

It is nothing new for reporters with social media accounts to receive pro-Hitler memes and swastikas in 2017. After all, far-right conspiracies claim Jews control ... Read More

‘Alternative Facts’ and the Twisted Truth – A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Post Truth Democracy

Ed Lynn- March 25, 2017

Does your nose grow if it’s a falsehood, not a lie? Thomas Hawk, CC BY-NC Ronald W. Pies, Tufts University The phrase “alternative facts” has ... Read More

The Wall Street Journal SCORCHES ‘Fake President’ Trump And Wall Street Is Unhappy, Too

Deborah Montesano- March 22, 2017

The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial criticizing Donald Trump on Wednesday. The editorial board began with questions about whether the American public, or the ... Read More

Many Presidents Have Had Feuds With The Press, But Trump Is The First To Declare Them The ‘Enemy’

Jefferson Adams- February 20, 2017

The unflinching and immoral attacks on the freedom of the press, by the President of the United States, threaten our Constitutional freedoms. How did we go ... Read More

The New President Lies And Lies Again to the American People

Jefferson Adams- February 17, 2017

At Thursday's disastrous so-called press conference, the President of the United States continued to spew vitriolic accusations, alternative truth facts, and outright lies to the American ... Read More

Preacher Claims Obama Leading Satanic Sedition Against Trump

Jefferson Adams- February 8, 2017

Satan is alive and well and leading the protest against the Trump agenda. The current occupant of the Oval Office publicly disdains the news media. ... Read More