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Threat of ‘Alt-Right’ Anti-Semitism Growing, Disturbing Study Shows

Ed Lynn- November 8, 2017

It is nothing new for reporters with social media accounts to receive pro-Hitler memes and swastikas in 2017. After all, far-right conspiracies claim Jews control ... Read More

Undocumented Immigrant Workers Literally ‘Grow’ the Economy — but There’s A Sour Aftertaste

Edward Lynn- March 7, 2017

In California, you don't just see immigrants' role in the economy, you taste it. Brokaw Ranch Company, in Ventura County, grows hundreds of acres of ... Read More

Obama launches Climate Change tour – connects climate and conservation

Editor SCD- September 1, 2016

Apparently not one to let his presidential duties slip, Barack Obama has begun climate change tour which will include the G20 summit in China later ... Read More

California Sets New Rules for Medical Cannabis Industry

Editor SCD- October 11, 2015

SACRAMENTO, Calif.-Nearly two decades after Californians legalized marijuana for medical use and a year before they may also approve it for recreational purposes, Gov. Jerry ... Read More