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Colin Powell Gives Very Stern Warning To Jeff Sessions On His Racist Policies (VIDEO)

Michael Hayne- April 20, 2017

We can only hope that Sessions is forced to step down as Attorney General if the investigation into his connections to Russia prove to be ... Read More

Trump’s Unpopularity Is Contagious, Poll Shows – But Obama Fared Better

Ed Lynn- March 21, 2017

Donald Trump has set record low approval ratings at this early stage of his presidency. But in the White House and the Republican leadership, Trump ... Read More

U.S. Attorney Stands Up To Trump And Is Promptly Fired (TWEETS)

Deborah Montesano- March 11, 2017

When a new president takes office, he usually dismisses the U.S. attorneys working for the Justice Department and installs his own — in an orderly ... Read More