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Centrist Republican Rhetoric Is an Ugly Lie That Masks Disastrous Policy Reality

Ed Lynn- April 19, 2017

Republicans don't believe everyone is entitled to healthcare. GOP rhetoric about "replacing" Obamacare is misleading. Democrats believe everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare. Preventing a ... Read More

Trump’s 5 Most Awful Tax Secrets

Ed Lynn- April 19, 2017

Thousands of demonstrators marched on Saturday to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns. But, barring an unexpected surprise – a W2 form issued ... Read More

Between Iran Peace & Healthcare, Obama’s Legacy Is Looking Strong

Editor SCD- September 7, 2015

http://gty.im/97797240 Few things drive Republican more bonkers than President Obama's search for a legacy that survives his time in the White House - as if ... Read More

How Obamacare Is Failing Young Gay Men

Ed Lynn- March 18, 2015

When it comes to health care, young gay men are falling through the cracks Perry N Halkitis, New York University Photo by zahidjavali (Pixabay). Emerging ... Read More