September 22, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

I didn’t know that a polar bear was arrested either. Until I went to one of the few places where real news can be found, Twitter. I was watching cable news of the non Fox variety and all I was hearing about was the NFL and ISIS. Not necessarily in that order. You would think the arrest of a polar bear would be big news, wouldn’t you? Well OK it wasn’t an actual polar bear that was arrested, at least I don’t think so.

There was something called Flood Wall Street going on in New York City. Better known as #floodwallstreet. There was little or no mention of this on the mainstream newscasts. Thousands of people stormed wall street in protest of rampant capitalism and the harrowing effects it has on our climate just as they did on Sunday around the world in the Global Climate March. There was about 15 seconds of coverage on that even though 400,000 people took to the streets in NYC alone.

The Wall Street protest saw over 100 people arrested by the NYPD including someone dressed as a polar bear. The idea is that our capitalistic mentality leads to climate problems. That the big money that is brought in by companies who destroy the climate in order to make that money is far more important to our government than the damage it does to our planet. This is not just a U.S. problem which is why there were protests all over the world on Sunday. The U.S. is certainly the worst offender there is no doubt about that.

At least there is an acceptance of this problem in other nations, they admit it does indeed exist even if there are arguments on what can or should be done about it. In the United States we have a Republican party and nearly half the country who think it’s all a scam. They believe in what we can’t see or prove (the Lord) instead of what we can see and prove (climate change). This is the country I live in.

Then there is the mainstream press. They don’t believe something is a story unless they cover it. Unless Chuck Todd says it’s a story. How can a march on Wall Street over a subject as important as climate change with over 100 arrests including a polar bear not be a major story? Yeah I know we bombed Syria and things are escalating with our “war” on ISIS and I’m sure there will be “boots on the ground” at some point as well, but this is all predictable rehash. We have seen this movie before and we gave it zero stars but for some reason we are seeing it again for the second time. Uniquely American! Barely a word about what is happening right here, actually a few subway stops away from where most of these networks broadcast.

War is big money. Always has been. Marches on Wall Street? Not so much. As I have said before war and violence is also sexy in this country. It gets people excited, including the people who package the news. It’s actually not capitalism per se that they are protesting on Wall Street. It is Capitalism gone wild. Capitalism on acid. Capitalism on steroids. One tweet I saw was from a woman who claimed that people protesting can’t be “Drinking Starbucks, and talking on their IPhone6.” As though this is what they are protesting, the ability to buy a latte and talk to your mother. This is another dumb American who simply doesn’t get it. The money rules all mentality has destroyed this country. Not the money is needed to provide a decent life mentality. You see the difference? Can you or are you just another naive lemming like this woman?

The news media is helping to validate the protesters arguments by only covering news they believe “sells.” Once again follow the money. War is money, NFL is money. Oh, let’s not forget the crazy guy that made it into the White House when the President wasn’t there. Yes, let’s talk about him some more.

Climate change denial includes not covering it on the news. To pretend a major protest isn’t happening.

A polar bear was arrested today. Really, I swear.

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