13-Year-Old Bride: A Result Of Cultural Religion And Religiously Condoned Rape

13-Year-Old Bride: A Result Of Cultural Religion And Religiously Condoned Rape

Rape is not a family value. Unless, of course, the rape is part of a religious practice. However, just like wars and executions, rape is often condoned among those who practice cultural religion.

Cultural religion, the kind most American Christians practice, is extremely dangerous. When people, or a nation,  claim to adhere to a religion but have no understanding of what they profess to believe, that is cultural religion. We see it in America constantly. The uninformed and barely educated who claim the mantle of Christian often are illiterate concerning the words and teachings of their Holy Book. Except for the parts that allow them to treat others as lesser humans. They love those parts.

How we practice cultural religion

Around the globe, cultural religion is woven into the fabric of society. One area of life where this is true is marriage. Even some of the most godless heathens in America have their weddings and funerals in church. It’s just what we do. It is the cultural expectation. If we don’t actually have the services in a church, we probably have some sort of clergy officiating the ceremony.

An extremely disturbing but unfortunate example of this unholy phenomenon, reported by the AP and picked up by the Orlando Sentinel last weekend, came to light last summer when a young woman sought the advice of a lawyer to prevent the father of her 5-year-old child from gaining custody of the youngster. As the young woman revealed to her attorney over the course of days and weeks, the following narrative unfolded

When she was in middle school, 13 years old, her Guatemalan parents hosted a religious ceremony, inviting guests to their Bonita Springs home to perform a blessing and “marry” her to a man in his mid-20s. Afterward, he moved into her bedroom in her parents’ home. She did his laundry, cooked his meals. They lived this way in Bonita Springs and Lehigh Acres for about six years.

Arranged or forced marriage is rape

Now imagine the horror of that night for the 13-year-old girl. Let that sink in for a moment, 13 years old. How could her parents do this to her? Before your mind goes immediately to the place where you blame the parents and automatically think this is a good reason not to let “those people” into our country, remember Warren Jeffs. Jeffs was the Mormon cult leader convicted and jailed for taking underage girls as “spiritual brides.”  What Jeffs did was criminal. Arguably, what the parents of the girl in this story did was at worst criminal, and at best, ignorant. However, ignorance combined with cultural religion produces a dangerous combination that has inflicted sorrow upon humanity for millennia.

No doubt, to sanction child rape by “marrying” her off while barely in her teens is not something to gloss over while claiming sincerely held religious beliefs. This 13-year-old child was now the property of her husband. The story contained the following chilling assessment.

“I was just a little girl.”

She quickly understood her childhood, games of hide-and-seek and tag in the neighborhood, was long gone. She would not spend hours in the mall. She would not attend prom. She became a mom.

On typical school days, she said she’d wake up around 5 a.m. to make food for Juarez and her father before jumping in the shower and hurrying to the bus stop. She envied her younger sister, who had time to do her make-up and hair.

Cultural Religion Can Produce Ungodly Results

According to the story, the girl’s father invited guests to the home for the wedding ceremony. In front of God and witnesses, the child bride and her rapist husband knelt before her parents. Her father placed a bible on their heads and blessed them. They received the “blessings” of those who watched. Apparently, no one in the room objected. This wasn’t a marriage ceremony but rather a prelude to rape and indentured servitude.

When a culture, or a religion, condone this type of ungodly behavior that culture or religion deserves the ridicule and scorn of society and decent people everywhere. This is one reason Americans must stay vigilant and fight tooth and nail to resist the theocracy that many of our elected officials and their useful idiots wish to impose upon us. If religion or cultural norms impose or condone the mistreatment of other humans then those beliefs deserve the exposure for the evil they really are.

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