The DNC Tweeted A Question And, Boy, Is It Sorry! (TWEETS)

The DNC Tweeted A Question And, Boy, Is It Sorry! (TWEETS)

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) no doubt thought it were asking a simple question when it took to Twitter late Saturday afternoon. What the party was asking of its followers was this:

We want to know what YOU want the future of our party to look like and what you want from our next Chair. Tell us:

And, boy, did it get told — by hundreds of Twitter fans!

Most who responded could not believe the timing. In the midst of a national crisis, precipitated by Donald Trump’s executive order to keep immigrants out of the country — in the midst of nationwide protests at airports across the country — this was what the DNC was concerned with?

Sean Duregger went right to the point:

As did @msmarianpinky:

And so did countless others — in a variety of very colorful answers. Laurie Diamond was specific with her directions:

That the DNC has no idea what is wrong with its party seemed obvious to most who answered. The very fact that officials would use Twitter to pose their inane question showed how out of touch they could be with younger generations. Did they really not expect the lambasting that followed?

@LikeChristianB was incredulous and reframed the DNC’s question into the words he thought it actually was saying:

There were multiple suggestions to grow a spine, sometimes with an illustration of what a real spine looks like. Many more suggested that the party go out and find some testicles. The theme of standing up and fighting back was pervasive:

@AleciaWarrenXO tried to build a fire under their inaction:

Some wanted direct action from their representatives, as in, get out of their bubble and into the streets:

Transgarbo woman attempted to point out the obvious direction that current circumstances demand:

Over and over again, incredulity raised its head:

Some spelled out specific actions that they expect if the party wants their support, and particularly if it wants to connect to younger generations. These include building a Bernie-Sanders-like grassroots movement, filing articles of impeachment, voting against Trump’s nominees, not acting like the presidency of Trump is normal, not taking for granted the votes of women or people of color, standing up and speaking out against Trump’s policies, and getting big money out of politics.

Others warned of the dire consequences if the DNC doesn’t act — and now:

But Travis York’s reaction was surely what many felt on initially reading the DNC’s tweet:

If only, Travis. If only.

Feature photo by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánche, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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