As Assad Gasses Children on Trump’s Watch, White House Blames Obama… & Cozies Up To Assad’s Ally

As Assad Gasses Children on Trump’s Watch, White House Blames Obama… & Cozies Up To Assad’s Ally

Trump shows no interest in ousting a murderous dictator with Russian ties.

Dr. Fares al-Jundi arrived to a Syrian hospital near Khan Sheikhoun to find nearly 500 patients suffering from what appeared to be sarin gas. He later told CNN that today’s “horrible memory will stay with [him] for the rest of [his] life.”

7 year old Syrian activist Bana Alabed, who has been pleading with the world to intervene and save the people in her country, shared this message today, begging for help.

Hours earlier, she shared a far more disturbing image, showing small children near her own age who had been gruesomely killed in the gas attack. The image hits like a bullet to the heart, and is deeply disturbing. And yet perhaps we have to confront the horrors of the evil being perpetrated, and exposed in a desparate little girl’s Twitter feed, as we, as a nation, obsess about the President’s latest tweet, disparaging his critics, agrandizing himself, or trying to distract from his own administration’s connections to the party most ultimately responsible for these horrors – Vladimir Putin.

“This is today in Syria in #Idlib,” she said, asking, “Hi @realdonaldtrump do you love this?” And then added the horrible image of dead children, near her own age, twisted by the agony of the gas and frozen by rigor mortis, stripped – presumably in an attempt to save them – of their poison soaked clothes to their underwear. An image which cannot be forgotten once seen, of something evil that happened on Donald Trump’s watch.

Almost immediately after the attacks the Assad regime released a less-than-convincing announcement that pointed the finger at opposition groups:

The Syrian army holds the terrorist groups and those supporting them responsible for the use of chemical and poisonous material and for the careless wasting of innocent civilians’ lives to achieve their despicable goals and agendas.

But the facts don’t bear this out. For one, the regime is known to possess sarin gas in quantities that are beyond sufficient to carry out such an attack. In 2013, Damascus suffered a similar attack that was almost certainly perpetrated by the Assad Regime.

President Trump, unlike nearly every other world leader today, seemed to give Assad the benefit of the doubt. He called the attacks “reprehensible,” but refused to comment on whether or not he thought the country’s dictator was responsible.

Instead, the administration (via Sean Spicer) said that former President Barack Obama was responsible for the attack:

Today’s chemical attack in Syria against innocent people, including women and children, is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world. These heinous acts are a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.

However, the administration’s story also fails to fall in line with the facts. Whether or not Obama’s response was the best course of action, there were no further government gas attacks in the country until Mr. Obama was out of office. It’s almost as if the Assad regime was afraid to use chemical weapons until just recently.

Meanwhile, one of the regimes most outspoken allies – Vladimir Putin – is also a good friend of the current president. And though Trump didn’t come out in full support of Assad the way the Russian president has in the past he did say that Assad – even with the recent war crimes – is a “political reality” that couldn’t be changed. Strange for a man that once said it was ridiculous in matters of war to “take any options off the table.” But when he said that he was speaking of America’s allies rather than Putin’s.

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