Trump Quietly Fires Another Link To Russia As Investigators Tighten Their Grip

Trump Quietly Fires Another Link To Russia As Investigators Tighten Their Grip

A “Special Assistant” to the Trump administration, Boris Epshteyn is being pushed out as investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia continue. Epshteyn has long been the head surrogate for the Trump administration’s team of  media apologists and has accumulated a number of complaints about his conduct with fellow guests back stage.

Fox News once even had a tiff with Epshteyn. When Fox’s Bill Hemmer made a fool of him on the air with questions over Trump’s Muslim ban he later told Hemmer that the administration would boycott Fox. A threat that never actually came to fruition.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said of Epshteyn:

He calls women girls, and he has no decorum about how he speaks to people. He’s somebody that just makes the room uncomfortable. When he leaves the room, the conversation is, ‘I hope he never comes back.’ He enjoys making people uncomfortable.

But it’s not his conduct that likely got him fired, though the Trump administration has yet to give an official reason for his departure. Epshteyn has been a vocal supporter of Russia since joining the Trump campaign. Most notably he refused to call Russia’s Crimean power grab a “seizure;” a distinction which makes all the difference in Russian efforts to relieve economic sanctions imposed by the global community.

Epshteyn was born in Russia and spent a good chunk of his childhood there. Though he hasn’t yet been publicly implicated in anything serious it’s usually the case that unexpected and unexplained resignations like this come just after some sort of revelation. That has certainly been the case so far in the Trump administration. Whatever Epshteyn did it must have been worse than the constant racist and sexist banter he happily engaged in without recourse. And it’s a safe bet it has something to do with Russia.

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