Sean Spicer Accidentally Revealed Number Of Sources Nunes Met On White House Grounds

Sean Spicer Accidentally Revealed Number Of Sources Nunes Met On White House Grounds

You have to wonder how the Trump admin has lasted for more than one week.

Having to constantly defend the odious Pu$$y grabbing-in-chief is a most difficult job. Sometimes you can’t help but extend a wee bit of sympathy to White House Press Secretary (or Press Dismisser) Sean Spicer. But then you realize he’s a toady little liar who defends the biggest of all liars and all bets are off.

During a press briefing earlier today, Spicer once again harangued the Press for caring about the leaked information and, reasonably enough, not the leakers themselves.

But it seems that Spicey is now one of the very same leakers, but only by accident.

The New York Times recently revealed that House Intel Committee chair Devin Nunes had met with two White House sources — Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council and Michael Ellis, an attorney in the White House Counsel’s Office — before he decided to sprint to President Trump to inform him of intelligence agencies picking up incidental surveillance of Trump transition team members while investigating foreign targets.

Before this story was published, the number of White House sources with whom Nunes met on White House grounds the evening prior to Nunes breaking the surveillance news to the media was unknown. But Spicey may have just revealed the number of officials Nunes met with  at today’s press briefing.

But when the information that is occurring now, which is two individuals who were properly cleared — or three, or whoever [Nunes] met with, I don’t know that they are sharing stuff that is entirely legal with the appropriate clearances — and then there is an obsession on the process.

But as soon as Spicey realized that he crapped the bed when he said “or three,” he immediately tried to fix the slip of tongue by saying “I don’t know.” But since Spicey is not the sharpest tool in the shed and can’t keep up with all the lies Trump says, he potentially lied again about the number of leakers.

And it’s sort of — it’s a backwards way that when you all report on stuff with sources that are leaking — illegally leaking classified information, that’s appropriate and fine. No one questions that — the substance and material. When two individuals, or however many are engaged in this process, have a discussion that is 100 percent legal and appropriate and cleared, suddenly the obsession becomes about the process and not the substance./blockquote>

You have to wonder how the Trump Administration has lasted more than one week.

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