Preacher Claims Obama Leading Satanic Sedition Against Trump

Preacher Claims Obama Leading Satanic Sedition Against Trump

Satan is alive and well and leading the protest against the Trump agenda.

The current occupant of the Oval Office publicly disdains the news media. He refers to any story or report that is unfavorable or critical of him or his administration as “fake news.” Instead, the President prefers to make outrageous public statements or tweets which often have absolutely no foundation in fact or reality. Not surprisingly, many of the “news” outlets that support Trump have the same affinity for bald-faced lies.

On Tuesday, Florida preacher and End Timer dreamer Rick Wiles spewed more of this of idiocy that I am sure many of the one-third of Americans who voted for the Orange Menace will swallow hook, line, and sinker. Since the Trump electorate was stupid enough to believe that President Obama was not an American, or was a Muslim, or that Michelle Obama was born a man, it should be fairly easy to get them to believe that Obama is working as an agent of Satan to undermine the current President.

Trump and his propagandist are unable to tell truth from fiction

Right Wing Watch reported today that Wiles went on an insane rant in which he accused the former President of the United States of sedition. Of course, just like the Tweeter-in-Chief, Wiles offered zero evidence to support his claims. Below is part of the Right Wing Watch story:

“We are witnessing a full-blown Marxist/communist resistance movement, a revolution in America,” Wiles said. “The chief banker funding the Purple Revolution is billionaire George Soros and the chief community organizer directing the insurrection in the streets is none other than Barack Hussein Obama … My gut feeling says Barack Obama is on the phone day and night and he is directing the protests, he is organizing, he is giving clear instructions to the people what to do and how to carry it out.”

It is not enough to slander a good man with outright lies, but the religious zealots have to demonize Obama, too. It is common practice for religious right to accuse anything they perceive as a threat to their power as an agent of the devil. Rock music was Satanically inspired. Sex outside of marriage is Satanic. Native Americans worshiped false, and therefore demonic gods. Same with Muslims, Buddhist, Atheist, and even Christian sects that don’t subscribe to their particular worldview. For some right wingers, even the Pope is an employee of Beelzebub.

A history of  hate 

For Wiles and others of his ilk, Barack Obama was simply more than they could tolerate. As an educated African-American with incredible communication skills and empathy for the less fortunate he posed a threat to everything they believe. The fact that Obama ascended to the White House incensed the bigots and racist that hide behind their religion. They have hated him ever since.

On his show in November 2014, Wiles suggested the arrest of President Obama.

“This is the only way you deal with a hooligan, you tell him we’re coming with handcuffs, we’re going to lock you up,” Wiles said. “I don’t think you can impeach Obama because he’s not a legitimate president, you and I both know he’s a foreign plant, he’s always been a communist agent inside this country and you don’t impeach somebody who went into that office through false pretense. It’s never happened in the republic, but the way you deal with that person is you arrest them.”

Given that every one of the US intelligence agencies has stated that the Russian government interfered with our election to hinder Hillary Clinton and help to install Trump, I think Wiles may have his anger misplaced. Trump’s bullying of political foes, the news media, and non-white people, and his connections to the Putin government would certainly be a good reason to see Trump led away in handcuffs. Arresting Trump and Pence and charging them with treason is how we should treat this illegitimate president.


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