He’ll Be Back – Schwarzenegger May Run For Senate In 2018

He’ll Be Back – Schwarzenegger May Run For Senate In 2018


The Terminator WILL be back… maybe.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host and former California governor has some Republican circles atwitter with the notion that he may make a bid for Dianne Feinstein’s seat in a 2018 Senate run. Politico reported:

“The prospect of Schwarzenegger’s return to elected politics in a 2018 U.S. Senate run – possibly as an independent – is generating increasing buzz in state Republican circles, fueled by the former governor’s seeming ability to get under the skin of President Donald Trump on social media.”

The Arnold definitely does have the ability to push President Donald Trump’s buttons. If you’ve been living in a hole the past three months, let’s catch you up to speed. After the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, back in January before Trump’s inauguration, Trump took time out of his busy schedule to rant about the poor ratings.

Arnold responded to the slam with a video of him quoting Abraham Lincoln from his inaugural speech.

When Arnold stepped down from his role in Celebrity Apprentice, Trump tried firing back at him with THIS tweet.

That’s when Arnold responded with THIS tweet.

With such a vicious feud between the two, a possible Sen. Schwarznegger and President Trump would be toxic, entertaining, but also sad. A GOP strategist commented to Politico that as a senator, it “would give Arnold the stage to jam Trump for the next 16 months.

The spokesperson for Schwarzenegger, Daniel Ketchell, did not confirm or deny the possibility.

“Right now Gov. Schwarzenegger’s focus is on using his platform to bring some sensibility and coherency to Washington by fighting for redistricting reform, like we did in California. We are keeping all of our options open as far as how we can accomplish that.”

Regardless of what may happen in 2018, if we end up with a Sen. Schwarzenegger, I demand he goes everywhere in a helicopter and says, “Get to da choppah.” It’s only fitting.

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