WH Budget Director Mulvaney’s Has Some DISGUSTING Advice For Those Who’d Lose Healthcare If Obamacare Repealed (VIDEO)

As we wait to see if GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan and his modern-day Robespierre republican cohorts in Congress are able to deliver a final vote to kill millions of Americans to make President Tiny Twitter Hands feel like a big boy, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is proving that Trumpcare is really TrumpDon’tCare.

Mulvaney joined the world’s biggest sycophant in Sean Spicer to pacify fears that by eliminating coverage for essential health benefits, the plan won’t offer much in the way of “health” or “care.”

Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” earlier today,  Mulvaney derided concerns that Americans would suffer without required access to maternity, emergency, or prescription drug coverage, because many states already require plans to cover those services. And his advice for all you low-energy losers living in those states is as simple and reasonable as constructing a freaking enormously expensive and unnecessary wall across the US-Mexico border:

I’ve talked to some folks in the Northeast and they say, ‘yeah, we don’t really mind that much about essential health benefits because our states already require insurance policies sold in those states to have that,’” Mulvaney said. What we’re doing is taking away the federal control of these systems. If you live in a state that wants to mandate maternity coverage for everybody, including 60-year-old women, that’s fine. But what if you live in a state that doesn’t do that? Co-host Alex Wagner asked. Then you can figure out a way to change the state that you live in, Mulvaney replied.

Although Mulvaney seems to have pretended to have enough decency to not imply that people should just shove their families in a private Lear Jet and go to another state, his suggestion that folks (mostly Trump voters) in those states should fight to make sure that their state does include those benefits is quite telling. The non-alternative fact remains that Obamacare already did that by mandating that all 50 states include this pretty basic and uncontroversial service in all their insurance plans. And to somehow believe that packaging, maternity care, emergency care and prescription drug services is just Big Guv’mit trying to impose its will on local communities is breathtakingly stupid. It’s not a local issue; it’s a f**king universal one!

As if we needed any further reminders why our government has been hijacked by a bunch of soulless, incompetent frat boys who operate at the behest of Putin and Wall Street fat cats.

Featured image via screencap, Twitter.

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