Mexico Just Told U.S. ‘We Don’t Need You’! Guess Who’s Waiting To Step In?

Deborah Montesano

Deborah Montesano is a longtime political activist and blogger. She learned to fight against impossible odds by living for years in Arizona, but recently relocated to the more progressive-friendly city of Portland, Oregon. Find her on Facebook at or on Twitter @thepoliticali_1.

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2 Responses

  1. I prognosticated this before. China will also protect mexico from Gringo`s invasion .

  2. Cheebo Chevere says:

    Mexico will never boycott, nor reduce consumption of, American products and services. NEVER!

    1) Mexicans are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the rest of the social networks. These are not only where they get a majority of their myopic news, but it is also where they voice their Anti-American sentiments… and these are American products!! Ugg.

    2) The American restaurant franchises in Mexico get their supplies from local farmers. So, if they boycott “American” food, the Mexican people lose income, big-time. And money wins out over principles in Mexico EVERY time. That’s why judges and law-enforcement are so easily bribed.

    3) The same Mexicans that are whining about America’s unfair political stances are doing so while using American technologies like Apple, Android; wearing American brands like Levis and Aeropostale; shopping at American retailers like Crate & Barrel and Victoria Secret, and so on. These American companies exist IN MEXICO, and the rate of consumption is not dropping. Furthermore, Mexicans are shamelessly classist, and these first-world American products are a status symbol.

    4) Can Mexico survive without American tourists? Yes. But they will NEVER spend money to convert all their marketing material from “American English” to “British English”, nor remove American foods & beverages from their menus, nor train all the hospitality staff to treat Americans poorly. Mexicans have a love hate relationship with spring-breakers, most of it is based in jealousy.

    5) Mexican people will never stop consuming Coca Cola nor other American junk food and candies. Additionally, they will never stop watching Disney, Nickelodeon, NetFlix, or other forms of American entertainment, or spending money on American music and concerts.

    CHINA will never be a replacement for America. Firstly, because most of the Chinese products that make it to Mexico are crap, worse than the junk they send to the US. Secondly, the environmental laws in Mexico are not enforced due to corruption that permeates all levels of society here, therefore, the more contact Mexico has with China, the worse for Mexico in terms of environmental impact.

    No I’m NOT pro-Trump. But it’s clear that Mexico NEEDS America and America NEEDS Mexico. So the corrupt Mexican government are not to be trusted, nor do they have the best in mind for the citizens of Mexico. These officials are simply trying to find ways to line their pockets and cause more unnecessary drama.

    Bottom line is… all the dramatic anti-American rhetoric being voiced by the government and the people on the streets of Mexico is hypocritical. Period. I know this because I live in Mexico, and see it ever day.

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