Trump Just Quietly Killed The Environment While We Were All Talking About Trumpcare Fail

While millions across the nation rejoice and  celebrate the fact that soulless, mind-bogglingly greedy abomination known as Trumpcare (or “TrumpDon’tCare) failed, it seems that the orange lizard was able to strike a smaller blow to the Obama legacy by signing the controversial Keystone Pipeline into law.

Surrounded by industry stooges and incompetent cabinet members in an apparent effort to not drain the swamp but build a “greater and more luxurious swamp.” President Trump appeared jubilant for a guy who just created a whopping 35 jobs. That’s right–the Keystone Pipeline creates only 35 permanent jobs. And when it comes to the damage that it will do to the environment solely so the hopelessly insecure, tiny-handed sociopath can look like a tough guy, REAL scientists say that extracting oil from the tar sands will create more greenhouse gases than doing it through more conventional methods.

And just when you were thinking to yourself: “Yeah, but we get to do insecure tough guy sh*t while doing endangering the pu$$y environment, right?” While technically that is true, we sure as heck won’t be doing it with US Steel. After all, that would mean Trump couldn’t keep making vast sums of money for himself and sprawling businesses.

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Despite promising his deplorables on the campaign trail that he would build the Keystone Pipeline only if it used US Steel, it appears that was yet another alternative fact uttered by the Lying King. Trump repeated those claims at CPAC as well when he said that the pipeline must use American steel or “we’re not building one.”

So while we’re all celebrating the epic fail of the monumentally evil Trumpcare, we shouldn’t lose sight of other very bigly issues.

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