All-Women Photo Mocks Trump, Courtesy Of Swedish Climate Minister (TWEETS)

All-Women Photo Mocks Trump, Courtesy Of Swedish Climate Minister (TWEETS)

Swedish Climate Minister Isabella Lövin took the opportunity to hilariously mock Donald Trump on Friday morning. Lövin signed a new law to address climate change, but it was the all-women photo accompanying the moment that ricocheted around the world. She posted it to Twitter and Facebook.

The photo shows the minister at her desk, poised to sign, with all-women arranged around her looking on — a send-up of photos of Trump signing an anti-abortion executive order while surrounded only by a group of men. In case anyone missed the point, one of the women is prominently in the last stages of her pregnancy.

When asked about the similarities between the two by The Local, Lövin’s answer wasn’t direct — but sent a clear message anyway:

We are a feminist government, which shows in this photo. Ultimately it is up to the observer to interpret the photo.

And interpret it they have! People quickly got how the all-women photo reflected this:

There was an immediate outpouring of support from Swedes, though some males groused that it would have been fairer to have 50-50, male-female representation in the picture. Some people just don’t get irony! Messages of thanks from Americans also started appearing on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. In response to a Washington Post article, orange2299 commented:

Thanks, Sweden. In this time when America has given into our darker instincts, we need our friends to remind us who we should be, and not quietly enable us (looking at you, Theresa May).

But Lövin had a second point to make to both Trump and the larger world. The climate bill she signed, agreed to by seven of eight political parties, commits Sweden to a future of freedom from greenhouse gas emissions. She told The Local:

We’ve set the goal that there should be zero net emissions by [2045], and all future governments would have to report on how they’ll meet that goal. 

More significantly, the minister noted that, because Trump believes climate change is a hoax, the U.S. is no longer providing leadership on this crucial issue: Instead, she said:

There is a global demand for climate leadership. I want to show that Sweden is ready to take that leadership. The new climate law that was announced yesterday marks a new era in Swedish climate politics.

Once again, Donald Trump is leading the United States backward. Sweden and its feminist government is showing the way forward.

Feature photo from @IsabellaLovin on Twitter.

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