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SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch Was a Joyful Success

Daniel Valencia- February 7, 2018

There's a car in space right now. Falcon Heavy blasts off SpaceX Patience was in short supply during the leg-jiggling, finger-tapping, tension-filled hours before the ... Read More

With FCC’s net neutrality ruling, the US could lose its lead in online consumer protection

Daniel Valencia- December 15, 2017

By Sascha Meinrath, Director of X-Lab; Palmer Chair in Telecommunications, Pennsylvania State University and Nathalia Foditsch, Ph.D. Student in Law and Communications, American University. Three ... Read More

FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules, a Milestone for Republican Deregulation Push

Daniel Valencia- December 14, 2017

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators voted on Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules for internet traffic — a major victory for telecommunications companies and another ... Read More

Is your phone driving you nuts? Rethink your notifications to tame your smartphone.

Ed Lynn- October 18, 2017

How to tame your endless alerts. Spend less time checking phone alerts. Maliha Mannan/Unsplash We rely on our smartphones to stay in touch with the ... Read More

Workers Get Time Off To Protest Trump — Plus Paychecks, Too!

Deborah Montesano- April 20, 2017

Facebook has a beef with Donald Trump. Since the problem has to do with its workforce, the corporation has adopted a policy that is spreading in the tech ... Read More

An interview with ‘America’s favorite scientist’ Bill Nye, who says ‘Respect the science!’

Ed Lynn- March 14, 2017

AUSTIN, Texas - For a generation of school kids, Bill Nye is zany and fun-loving, "America's favorite scientist.'' A mostly flattering new documentary about the ... Read More

Is The WikiLeaks Dump Really THAT Bad?

Ruby Stone- March 9, 2017 The fallout from WikiLeaks’ data dump continues. Over at Langley, the CIA is scrambling to control the repercussions from the mass leak, which reveals ... Read More

Texas Video Game Publisher Moving His Diverse Family To Canada, Thanks To Trump

Deborah Montesano- February 21, 2017

Video game developer Mike Wilson – co-founder of video game publisher Devolver Digital, film maker, and prominent Texas citizen — is making good on a promise many ... Read More

How Solar And Wind Power Got So Cheap, So Fast

Editor SCD- December 6, 2015

This story originally appeared on The Atlantic and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A funny change has happened this year: ... Read More

Silicon Valley Is Working to Replace Mothers

Editor SCD- November 11, 2015

We’re inventing the post-Mom economy, which—not to insult mothers or anything—should make us all happier and richer and finally bring us the leisurely future we ... Read More