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Group of Armed Gun Fanatics Stalk Texas Mosque, ‘Ready to Use Force’ (Video)

Editor SCD- November 22, 2015

As a progressive, I've expressed my issues with Islam (and all organized religion in general). I guess you can say I'm in the "Bill Maher" ... Read More

The limits of religious liberty

Editor SCD- November 13, 2015

The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, Nov. 10: ——— In implementing the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration has offered ... Read More

Bernie Sanders On Religion: ‘We’re All In This Together’

Editor SCD- October 22, 2015

While the U.S. Constitution pretty clearly states that there shall be "no religious test" for president, it's no secret that presidential candidates are subject to ... Read More

The belief system of the Islamophobes

Editor SCD- October 10, 2015

Since the 1970s, Muslims have repeatedly been stereotyped in the US as dangerous terrorists. But, over the last six years, a new fear of Muslims ... Read More

Kim Davis’ Arguments ‘Absurd’ And ‘Obtuse:’ Kentucky Governor

Editor SCD- October 1, 2015

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s attorneys said Rowan County clerk Kim Davis’ arguments for not issuing gay marriage licenses on religious grounds were “absurd,” “obtuse” and ... Read More

Franklin Graham: I Wouldn’t Vote For A Muslim Or Atheist

Editor SCD- September 30, 2015

Billy Graham has a new book, Where I Am: Heaven, Eternity and Our Life Beyond, and his son, Franklin, came on radio with me Tuesday ... Read More

The Pope’s message rises above Beltway blather | Farmer

Editor SCD- September 28, 2015

Once in a great while someone emerges on the national scene at just the right moment, when least expected maybe but with a message exactly ... Read More

Pope’s Hat Tip To ‘Black Lives Matter’

Editor SCD- September 26, 2015

Harlem's barbershops, beauty salons, sneaker stores and even the liquor market advertising premium spirits are all familiar to Valerie Massard, an African-American woman who has ... Read More

Pope At UN: Iran Deal ‘Proof Of The Potential Of Political Good Will’

Editor SCD- September 25, 2015

Pope Francis continued his pleas to focus on the environment, the poor and the oppressed in his United Nations speech. And he expressed support for ... Read More

Conservatives Trash The Pope After His Speech To Congress

Editor SCD- September 24, 2015

Conservatives have been bashing Pope Francis ever since he became the leader of over a billion Catholics worldwide and it hasn't stopped since. You can ... Read More