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A Short History of the Brief and Bumpy Life of the Voting Fraud Commission

Daniel Valencia- January 25, 2018

The controversy that swirled around the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity far exceeded its output. The commission made no decisions, issued no reports, and ... Read More

Tent City Made Famous By Joe Arpaio To Be Shut Down By New Sheriff (VIDEO)

Deborah Montesano- April 5, 2017

For over two decades, Sheriff Joe Arpaio ran Maricopa County, Arizona like his own personal fiefdom — terrorizing immigrants with illegal raids, racially profiling residents, ... Read More

State of Arkansas Plans Murderous Killing Spree In April

Deborah Montesano- March 29, 2017

The state of Arkansas is about to undertake an unthinkably brutal task that will traumatize everyone involved. Governor Asa Hutchinson has scheduled the execution of eight ... Read More

Bathroom Bill Will Cost North Carolina Almost $4 Billion, But That’s Not All

Deborah Montesano- March 27, 2017

North Carolina's discriminatory bathroom bill (HB2), targeting transgender people, has caused huge financial losses since it was passed last year. Now the Associated Press has ... Read More

Religious Leaders #Resist Trump With Underground Network To Hide Immigrants

Deborah Montesano- February 23, 2017

Religious leaders in Los Angeles felt they couldn't stand by silently while Donald Trump rounds up immigrants and deports them, tearing families apart in the ... Read More

Sanders Vows To ‘Meet In The Streets’ After West Virginia Cancels Town Hall

Deborah Montesano- February 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders scheduled two town halls in West Virginia for this week. The first one, in Charleston on Sunday evening, drew more than 2,000 attendees. The ... Read More

The DNC Tweeted A Question And, Boy, Is It Sorry! (TWEETS)

Deborah Montesano- January 29, 2017

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) no doubt thought it were asking a simple question when it took to Twitter late Saturday afternoon. What the party was asking of ... Read More

Members Of Congress Boycotting Inauguration Have DOUBLED In Number

Deborah Montesano- January 18, 2017

From Sunday until Tuesday, members of Congress have been signing onto a boycott of Donald Trump's inauguration in droves. On Sunday, the number stood at ... Read More

See The Growing List Of Democrats Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

Deborah Montesano- January 16, 2017

Democrats who've publicly announced they are boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration are part of a growing list. Some have agonized over the decision to upend the tradition of ... Read More

One GOP Senator Scolds Trump For Attacking Civil Rights Icon John Lewis

Deborah Montesano- January 15, 2017

One, and only one, GOP Senator has taken Donald Trump to task for his attack on Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.). The courageous legislator willing to break ... Read More