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Telenovela Star Laura Zapata Lashes Out Against LGBT Adoption [VIDEO]

Ed Lynn- December 6, 2017

Laura Zapata has strong views about gay adoption and she has made it clear she opposes same-sex couples from taking in a child with no ... Read More

13-Year-Old Bride: A Result Of Cultural Religion And Religiously Condoned Rape

Jefferson Adams- February 7, 2017

Rape is not a family value. Unless, of course, the rape is part of a religious practice. However, just like wars and executions, rape is ... Read More

Forget Trump! Other Democracies Will Finance A ‘Safe Abortion’ Fund

Deborah Montesano- January 28, 2017

The Netherlands and up to 20 other countries are organizing to counter Donald Trump and the brutal Global Gag Rule on abortion that he reinstated. These countries ... Read More

Pediatricians Give Tips To Teach Kindness To Children In Honor Of Dr. King

Ruby Stone- January 13, 2017 Nia Heard-Garris, University of Michigan and Danielle Erkoboni, University of Pennsylvania Children are listening. During the election, messages of hate, fear and intolerance were ... Read More

Breastfeeding Is Natural, Stop Telling Women To Hide It

Ed Lynn- April 5, 2015

Recently, a young mother on a Virgin Australia Airlines flight was kicked off the plane while it was prepping for takeoff, taxiing on the runway. ... Read More