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Most Millennials Disapprove of Trump and Congress in New Poll

Daniel Valencia- January 29, 2018

Most millennials disapprove of Congress and President Donald Trump's job performance and think the country is heading in the wrong direction, a new poll found. Sixty-three ... Read More

A Short History of the Brief and Bumpy Life of the Voting Fraud Commission

Daniel Valencia- January 25, 2018

The controversy that swirled around the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity far exceeded its output. The commission made no decisions, issued no reports, and ... Read More

After a Sweet Deal With Dad, Eric Trump Assembles a Valuable Penthouse

Daniel Valencia- January 10, 2018

President Donald Trump’s son Eric is preparing to capitalize on a windfall he received from his father during the presidential campaign: He’s combining three luxury ... Read More

Fast-moving Calif. wildfire explodes to at least 10,000 acres, triggering evacuations and power outages

Ed Lynn- December 5, 2017

LOS ANGELES — A fast-moving, wind-fueled California brush fire exploded to at least 10,000 acres Monday night in the foothills near Thomas Aquinas College in ... Read More

5 things to know about CVS buying Aetna for $69B

Ed Lynn- December 5, 2017

The future of health care as we know it could be changing now that CVS has announced plans to buy Aetna in a transaction valued ... Read More

Fox’s Hannity Gives Dem Victory Only 6 Seconds of Airtime, Then Pivots to Nazi Ex-Trump Adviser

Ed Lynn- November 8, 2017

Fox News host Sean Hannity devoted all of six seconds of his show Hannity to the result of the Virginia gubernatorial election as the results ... Read More

NFL team apologizes for taking a knee on foreign soil.

Ed Lynn- October 18, 2017

The Jacksonville Jaguars took a strong stance in late September on foreign soil, with some members of the team (about a dozen) kneeling during “The ... Read More

Russian bribery, intimidation seen to infiltrate U.S. nuclear energy industry – even before Iran deal

Ed Lynn- October 18, 2017

The Obama administration signed a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow despite prior FBI findings that Russian officials were bribing their way into the U.S. atomic ... Read More

Equifax loses $7.2 million contract with IRS over data breach.

Ed Lynn- October 18, 2017

Problems continue to mount for credit-reporting agency Equifax, who this week lost its bid to keep a major contract with the IRS. The cancellation of ... Read More

Want to Lower Health Care Costs? Stop Wasting $765 Billion Every Year

Ed Lynn- January 25, 2017

There are many ways that waste is baked into our health care system, from destroying perfectly good medication to junking brand new supplies. Eliminating the ... Read More