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California Sets New Rules for Medical Cannabis Industry

Editor SCD- October 11, 2015

SACRAMENTO, Calif.-Nearly two decades after Californians legalized marijuana for medical use and a year before they may also approve it for recreational purposes, Gov. Jerry ... Read More

Fiorina Misinformed About Medical Marijuana

Editor SCD- September 26, 2015

Carly Fiorina's latest lie was told to the wrong person. "I was trying to be brave," Shelly Van Winkle told ThinkProgress minutes after a tense ... Read More

Vet Denied Pain Pills After Testing Positive For Pot

Editor SCD- September 12, 2015

The disabled Vietnam veteran is suffering from stage four lung cancer, but he's being refused pain management because he tested positive for marijuana. "I went ... Read More

Marijuana Users 45 Percent Less Likely To Fall Victim To Bladder Cancer

Editor SCD- September 8, 2015

By Guy Bentley Cannabis users were 45 percent less likely to contract bladder cancer than their more abstemeous peers, according to the National Cancer Institute ... Read More