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Gay Couple Gets Their Marriage License In Rowan County

Editor SCD- September 4, 2015

No, I don't think Kim Davis is an evil bitch. I think she's an ignorant and un-intelligent person who bought into a rigid and archaic ... Read More

Santorum: Supreme Court Doesn’t Have Final Say On Gay Marriage

Editor SCD- June 3, 2015 The right-wing continues to line up against the highest court in the land for fear it might approve gay marriage. On Meet the Press, ... Read More

What’s in a Word? The Challenges of ‘Transgender’

Ed Lynn- June 3, 2015

Transgender is an umbrella term, encompassing a number of different identities and practices. By KJ Rawson, College of the Holy Cross Thanks to recent media coverage ... Read More

Auto Repair Shop Refuses To Service Gay Customers

Ed Lynn- April 16, 2015

Mechanic Refuses To Repair Cars of 'Openly Gay' Customers Racist overtones in statement, as well. We're pretty sure this car would not get repaired. But ... Read More

Apple’s Russian Siri Was Blatantly Homophobic

Ed Lynn- April 15, 2015

Alex, a Russian speaker living in the UK, discovered that Russian Siri was horribly homophobic (Screencap - Youtube). Alex, a Russian speaker living in London, ... Read More