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The New York Times: An Accomplice In Ignorance and Slaughter

Patrick M Arthur- October 22, 2014

Image by Phillip Maiwald. Used with permission “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ~George Orwell The New York Times’ ... Read More


Mike Caccioppoli- September 15, 2014

September 16, 2014 By Mike Caccioppoli I’ve heard enough excuses when it comes to Adrian Peterson’s beating of his four year old son for which ... Read More

Kurds retake Iraq’s main dam from Islamic State

Ed Lynn- August 17, 2014

AL-QOSH, Iraq — Iraqi Kurdish fighters backed by US warplanes retook the country's largest dam from jihadists on Sunday, as Sunni Arab tribesmen and security ... Read More

Beyond Kurdish territory, Iraq asks for more US help against Islamic State

Ed Lynn- August 17, 2014

BAGHDAD — As U.S. warplanes tilt the battlefield against Islamic militants in Kurdish-controlled territories, Iraqis in the rest of the country are growing resentful that ... Read More

White House: Obama Authorized U.S. Strike to Free Mosul Dam

Ed Lynn- August 17, 2014

EDGARTOWN Mass. (Reuters) - The White House on Sunday said President Barack Obama had informed Congress he authorized U.S. air strikes in Iraq to help ... Read More