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Top Democrats Warn Of ‘Constitutional Crisis’ If Rosenstein, Mueller Are Fired Over GOP Memo

Daniel Valencia- February 2, 2018

While congressional Republicans were split over the decision to release the GOP memo on FBI surveillance Friday, Democrats lambasted what they view as a partisan ... Read More

The Wall Street Journal SCORCHES ‘Fake President’ Trump And Wall Street Is Unhappy, Too

Deborah Montesano- March 22, 2017

The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial criticizing Donald Trump on Wednesday. The editorial board began with questions about whether the American public, or the ... Read More

Will Trump’s $50 Million ‘Black Budget’ Reveal White House War on Intelligence Community?

Ed Lynn- March 21, 2017

There was one $50 billion-plus item omitted from President Trump's proposed federal budget last week: the National Intelligence Program, otherwise known as the U.S. government's ... Read More

Congress Has A Busy Week Ahead – Comey Hearing, Healthcare Voting, & Gorsuch Hearing On Agenda

Ruby Stone- March 20, 2017 The week ahead promises to be an important one for Congress and the White House as President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee testifies before the ... Read More

Preacher Claims Obama Leading Satanic Sedition Against Trump

Jefferson Adams- February 8, 2017

Satan is alive and well and leading the protest against the Trump agenda. The current occupant of the Oval Office publicly disdains the news media. ... Read More

Sentence Commuted For Chelsea Manning! Twitter Explodes (TWEETS)

Deborah Montesano- January 17, 2017

Chelsea Manning has had most of her sentence commuted by President Obama. She will be freed in May instead of in 2045. The congratulations immediately ... Read More

Did Carly Fiorina Leak Classified Information?

Editor SCD- October 9, 2015

It's not Hillary Clinton, but Carly Fiorina who may be guilty of leaking classified information. Last week, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina bragged about providing ... Read More

Obama in favor of net neutrality (editorial cartoon)

Andrew David Cox- November 14, 2014

"Obama in favor of net neutrality." November 14th, 2014. Obama announced earlier this week in a video from the White House that he is in ... Read More

FBI’s “Suicide Letter” to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Dangers of Unchecked Surveillance

Ed Lynn- November 13, 2014

| BY NADIA KAYYALI The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The ... Read More