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Another Woman Comes Forward With Retelling of Trump Sexual Harassment Story

Ed Lynn- December 12, 2017

Photo by Gage Skidmore Melinda McGillivray claimed Tuesday that Donald Trump groped her in the early 2000s, adding her voice to several other women who ... Read More

Divisive Rhetoric Pushes Hawaii’s ‘Rising Star’ Out Of Republican Party (VIDEO)

Deborah Montesano- March 23, 2017

Eight years ago, Japanese-American politician Beth Fukumoto thought she could change the Republican party. Turns out she was wrong. The increasingly divisive rhetoric of the ... Read More

All-Women Photo Mocks Trump, Courtesy Of Swedish Climate Minister (TWEETS)

Deborah Montesano- February 3, 2017

Swedish Climate Minister Isabella Lövin took the opportunity to hilariously mock Donald Trump on Friday morning. Lövin signed a new law to address climate change, but ... Read More

Forget Trump! Other Democracies Will Finance A ‘Safe Abortion’ Fund

Deborah Montesano- January 28, 2017

The Netherlands and up to 20 other countries are organizing to counter Donald Trump and the brutal Global Gag Rule on abortion that he reinstated. These countries ... Read More

Trump Sends Message To Women, Reinstates ‘Global Gag Rule’ On Abortion (VIDEO)

Deborah Montesano- January 23, 2017

Two days after millions of women turned out worldwide to march in protest against Donald Trump, the new president flipped them a symbolic bird. He ... Read More

Malala is Inspiration for Her Mother To Go Back To School

Editor SCD- October 14, 2015

Malala Yousafzai has inspired millions of women and girls to stand up for their right to an education. Her mother turned one to be one ... Read More


Mike Caccioppoli- September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014 By Mike Caccioppoli Being from New York I knew Warner Wolf. He was a sports anchor on a local television station. He ... Read More

Columbia Overhauls Sexual Assault Policy, But Activists Say It’s Not Enough

Ed Lynn- August 17, 2014

Following months of student outcry regarding campus handling of sexual assault, Columbia University has unveiled a new gender-based misconduct policy. Thankfully, it does more than ... Read More