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What’s the GOP excuse for climate inaction now? | Editorial

Editor SCD- September 29, 2015

The news that China will adopt a massive cap-and-trade program on carbon emissions is, potentially, a seismic development in the fight against climate change for ... Read More

Shell Halts Alaska Offshore Drilling Project After Failing To Find Enough Oil

Editor SCD- September 28, 2015

Royal Dutch Shell announced early Monday it would cease offshore Arctic oil drilling in Alaska for the "foreseeable future." Shell USA President Marvin Odum cited ... Read More

With Obama to visit nearby, Alaskan villagers struggle as their island disappears

Ed Lynn- August 30, 2015

The small Alaskan town of Kivalina faces coastal erosion due to Climate Change. Photo by ShoreZone (CC-BY-2.0) KIVALINA, Alaska — This is what climate change looks ... Read More

Is Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Killing The Rainforests?

Ed Lynn- April 5, 2015

By Gregory R. Ziegler, Pennsylvania State University It may come as no surprise that fats and oils are part of any piece of chocolate we eat. ... Read More

China Must Focus On ‘Climate Security,’ Scientist Says

Ed Lynn- March 23, 2015

Climate change by the close of this century could lower agricultural output, increase droughts and threaten major infrastructure projects in China, the country’s top weather ... Read More

Progress and Controversy Arrive With New Rules for Fracking on Public Lands

Ed Lynn- March 20, 2015

by Abrahm Lustgarten The new rules announced Friday by the Obama administration governing how energy companies frack for oil and gas on federal lands managed ... Read More