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Trump’s Presidential Vacations Are Burning Up Millions In Tax Dollars With Weekly Trips To His Mansion

Jefferson Adams- February 22, 2017

The first month of our long national nightmare is over, but Oval 45 still has 47 months left in office. At the rate he's going ... Read More

Trump Claims He Hangs Out At Mar-a-Lago To Be With ‘Regular People’ — Who Pay $200k To Be There

Jefferson Adams- February 21, 2017

Earlier today, Think Progress columnist Aaron Rupar wrote a piece revealing that Oval 45 and his handlers think the Mar-a-Lago resort allows the new president to ... Read More

The New President Lies And Lies Again to the American People

Jefferson Adams- February 17, 2017

At Thursday's disastrous so-called press conference, the President of the United States continued to spew vitriolic accusations, alternative truth facts, and outright lies to the American ... Read More

House Republican Introduces Bill To Terminate The Environmental Protection Agency

Jefferson Adams- February 16, 2017

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat ... Read More

Sanders Vows To ‘Meet In The Streets’ After West Virginia Cancels Town Hall

Deborah Montesano- February 13, 2017

Bernie Sanders scheduled two town halls in West Virginia for this week. The first one, in Charleston on Sunday evening, drew more than 2,000 attendees. The ... Read More

Trump Vows To Increase Already-Inflated Military Budget While Social Programs Go To The Wayside

Jefferson Adams- February 7, 2017

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. Martin Luther ... Read More

Robert Reich: Democrats Must Lead Or Be Replaced By A 3rd Party

Deborah Montesano- January 31, 2017

Robert Reich isn't the only person to notice that the Democratic Party has a barely detectable heartbeat. After all, they've lost statehouses, governorships, both houses ... Read More

Trump’s Foreign Policy Wrecking Ball Leaves Big Opening For China

Deborah Montesano- January 28, 2017

Donald Trump is slashing funding for the United Nations. His new envoy, Nikki Haley, entered the institution by threatening other countries that don't do the ... Read More

What Effects Have Trump’s Tweets Had On The Global Market?

Ruby Stone- January 13, 2017 President-elect Donald Trump slammed pharmaceutical companies during his highly-anticipated press conference Wednesday, sending shares in companies such as the Netherland's Nordiq tumbling by as ... Read More

Trump Inauguration Security Will Cost OVER $100 Million

Ruby Stone- January 13, 2017 Donald Trump will take over as the 45th president of the United States in a week as President Barack Obama hands the reins of ... Read More